I am so pleased with my trousers, could you alter my curtains they need shortening, I have told my neighbour about you i think she would like her coat repaired, no doubt i’ll be in touch.

Pearl Brighton

Thanks for hemming up my nursing trousers, and i was thinking could you recover my Futon Sofa and have cushions to match,Thanks

Beka, Hove

The seat covers in my camper van look amazing, that is a good rate at £9 per hour especially at short notice, i would like some curtains made at some stage. Many Thanks.

Alistair, Fiveways, Brighton

Thank you for altering my trousers, i have a few other pairs that need shortening. Fantastic

Roy, Brighton

The Sofa looks wonderful especially with the side cushions you designed. Excellent

Louise, Brighton

The robe looks very posh,Thanks

Sarah, Hollingbury, Sussex

Thanks for repairing my favourite jeans

James, Brighton

My dress fits perfectly, Thanks.

Vicky, Lewes, Sussex

Those shirts look great, thank you for putting on those buttons.

vicky, Hollingbury